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Terms of trade for individual purchasers



  • All orders and purchases made through this website are subject to the Terms and Conditions outlined below. These Terms and Conditions may change from time to time without prior notice.


  • We collect your personal information for the purpose of enabling us to process your order. If you wish to have your personal information removed from our mailing list then please contact us at


  • Returns are not accepted from  individual customers unless the product is damaged or misbound. In this instance please refer to the information below.

  • Please note that as these books are printed especially for your order, we are unable to offer a refund should you change your mind. If you accidentally place an order, then provided you contact us (at or +61 3 9905 5239) within 30 minutes of placing the order we will cancel your order and credit all monies paid to the credit card place in the purchase.

  • If stock is received by a customer  in a damaged or misbound condition Monash University Publisher will replace the book/s. Such customers must send a request for replacement to within 30 days of order date.

  • Once the request for replacement has been received the damaged copy must be returned to the publisher and a replacement copy will be supplied to the customer.


  • In addition to the retail price of your book order a postage and handling cost will be added to your order. Customers will be charged this amount as they order via the Monash University Publishing ecart.
  • Delivery is made via Australian Air Express for customers within Australia, and DHL Express for customers outside Australia. Your order will be shipped within three working days of payment.

    NOTE: In order to comply with this, we will need to close our eCart over the Christmas and Easter Periods at least four working days before that period, because we close for longer than 3 working days over these breaks.


  • All prices quoted are recommended retail prices only, are in AUD$ and include the 10% Australian goods and services tax (which is deducted for customers outside Australia).
  • Prices shown are recommended retail prices only, and do not include postage and handling costs (which will be added to individual customer orders during the checkout process).
  • Monash University Publishing reserves the right to alter prices at any time without notification. Prices for books on order are fixed once your order is received.

How to order

  • Find the title/s you want
  • Add titles to your shopping cart
  • Proceed to the checkout
  • Login or enter your details, including shipping address
  • Provide payment information
  • Please click on the ‘continue’ button and collect your tax receipt.


  • Monash University Publishing accepts VISA, Mastercard, Bankcard and American Express.
    We use the University's secure credit card gateway for transactions.

Don’t want to purchase online?

  • We are happy to take your order and credit card details over the phone. Contact us on +61 3 9905 0590.

  • We will send you a tax receipt with your book/s.


  • Monash University Publishing titles are available from Monash Bookshops, University Co-op Bookshops, Readings Books and Music and many other good bookshops. If your local bookshop does not have a title in stock they will be able to special order from us for you. Note the title, author and ISBN for the books you want, and take them to your bookseller.

  • Bookseller information – for Terms and Conditions for Booksellers and Library Suppliers please contact Sarah Cannon at or +61 3 9905 0526.